What makes us different from other on-line florists?

Our goal is to convey to our Website Visitors, the customer who does business with us, the recipient of our floral designs, that  our company philosophy is inspired by The Gardens of Venus.  Not just flowers, but flowers with additional special touches to them.
Our flowers are always beautifully presented. If you’ll forgive us blowing our own trumpet, in our area anyone who gets a Canada Flowers delivery will instantly recognise our style. And they’ll confidently expect what’s inside to be just as special.
We specialize in fresh cut flowers.
Do you want something specific? Our daily deliveries, six days a week, mean that we can normally supply anything you request within 24 hours. (But please remember that flowers are seasonal: special orders are of course subject to availability.)

Not your usual bouquet
We like to think you’ll find a more tasteful selection at Country Garden. The flowers we prepare for you will be different, more interesting and more exciting than you might find elsewhere.

Convenience: we offer you the choice of online ordering or by phone, whichever method you prefer. Whether you want to place an order or ask a question, we’re always here for you!

…since 2001, we provide you with Personal Customer Service!

Accuracy: once your credit card is approved, we automatically send you an order confirmation with all the details via e-mail. If there’s a mistake (and it does happen sometimes), simply e-mail reply  we correct it.

Reliability: we want you to count Canada flowers for all your flower needs.