Needless to say that in many provinces the art of giving flowers plays the key role in the growth of business and private relations. Canada as well as the majority of the major cities, like, for instance the Victoria and London makes no difference.   Flowers sent from Canada are freshly picked and arranged to suit your style and budget.

Canada Birthdays

Flowers are a must on such a day, for some women, that she should receive beautiful flowers. Normally, the flowers are given in addition to a gift, not on their own. It may be a single flower or a big bunch, or if you are going to a birthday party – a vase arrangement or a basket so that a woman can show off her flowers by putting the arrangement on a table. Until recently, it was not customary to give flowers to a man, but now the traditions are changing and such a present won’t be inappropriate.

However, you’d better follow the professional Canada florist’s recommendations as the content, shape and color-scheme of a man’s bunch is different from a woman’s. Such important occasions as corporate holidays and anniversaries are to be remembered. Big table arrangement that can decorate a boss’s workplace will be most appropriate. A wrapped bouquet is not the best choice in this case, as it will probably get brought home and not left in the office. You can still add a separate bunch for the boss or some manager to the gift.

Canada Christmas and New Years

Christmas was known as the most exciting time of year but lately it seems it’s been replaced by the New Year holiday, retaining the same meaning, rites and traditions. Nowadays, both the holidays are almost equally popular, though the New Year is still considered the main holiday of the year. Wreaths and centerpieces with candles, ornaments and trimmings make most appropriate gift.

The Poinsettia is becoming more and more popular; this tradition has been brought to Canada long ago. We suggest making bouquets in traditional Christmas color-scheme. Canada’s Christmas color-scheme consists if reds blues and greens, while that of the New Year – of whites and gold, though, in our view, almost all the colors are suitable for a winter holiday arrangement. The sparkle of every home decoration remains a decorated Christmas tree and without a tree a holiday would not be the same.

St. Valentine’s Day

This holiday is not new in Toronto and the provinces such as Ontario and Alberta. Still, its popularity grows with every year and is now celebrated almost everywhere in Canada.

Toronto flowers on this holiday are strictly traditional. All the traditions as well as the very idea of the holiday were brought from the West. Red roses are a must on that day. Heart-shaped accessories will give a valentine’s look to almost any bouquet. If you want to impress your beloved ones, you can give a heart-shaped centerpiece of fresh flowers.